Feel, don't think
"Ando por aí ainda entendendo como funcionam essas pessoas de vícios sem gosto, paradoxos ideais, sentimentos como balões de ar e sem reconhecimento próprio. E como não devo esperar."


Aries people are very eclectic when it comes about music. Not rarely you’ll find a metalhead Aries who loves classical music with burning passion and so on. They feel the music with their bodies, which causes them to like many “contradictory” genres of music without giving a shit.

What would an Aries female be like when they fangirl?



Like this


Hahaha no but seriously actually we are REALLY controlled if we get to meet the celebrity we like, like EXTREMELLY polite and calm on the surface because we want to call their attention for being a controlled human instead of a hysterical one. But on the inside we are a mess, and that’s how we behave  normally because WE ARIES LOVE FEELINGS SO MUCH OK not that much but we love loving and fangirling. It’s a mess, honestly. And we tend to be competitive when we know of somebody who likes the band/acrot/whatever as well because we’re insecure as fuck.

I think that’s it :D Thanks for the message!

Aries and Taurus


Earthy Taurus is strong enough to handle the big Aries personality, and warm and kind enough to provide a grounding influence

O segredo é não correr atrás das borboletas… É cuidar do jardim para que elas venham até você.
- Aurora. (via autorias)